Inspirational Video Artists

Bill Viola was born in January, 1951; he is most famous for his contemporary videos, using sound, electric, image and his trademark slow motion. His work focuses on humans and their emotions, this has some links to my concept showing the movement within humans. Some of his most famous works include ‘The Quintet Series’, ‘An ocean without shore’ and ‘observance’. I think Viola’s films work well with the context as the actors in his videos show a lot of emotion but we never know what these actors are looking at; this engages us to make our minds wonder and think.

Links to a few of his films:

Nam June Paik was born in July, 1932 till January,2006; he was a Korean American artist, working with a variety of different media, including video. Looking at his works I think his main focus is working with the use of lights, which you will see in the links below. Also he uses video in his other art medias such as sculptures.


Pipilotti Rist (AKA: Elisabeth Charlotte Rist) was born in June, 1962; she is most famous for her visual art working with film and moving images, these are often displayed as projections. Her films show issues such as the human body, gender and sexuality, using a variety of colour, sound and speed.



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