Metropolis (1927)

Metropolis is a silent black and white film from 1927, from the German director Fritz Lang. This films architecture is way ahead of its time, it shows a futuristic dystopia city, where the buildings have been built vertical. When this film was released the viewers would probably of never seen anything like the context the film is set in. Would it of scared the viewers at the time? Realising that in the future they will probably be waking up in a polluted, noisy, compact city, that is divided between the rich and the poor.


The films architecture has a mixture of movements which was all happening at the time the film was being produced. 
Futurist architecture (Italy in early 1920’s):
Art deco architecture (Began in Paris in early 1920’s but flourished in 1930’s):
Gothic architecture (Flourished during the medieval period):
This architecture has links to other films I reviewed, especially batman (1989). Obviously, batman was filmed almost 70 years after metropolis. However, they both used these architectural styles to create the context that would give similar reactions to the viewers.
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