Blade Runner (1982)

This film is set in 2019 20 years before its time, showing futuristic architecture, however in this film they have shown futuristic architecture differently compared to other futuristic films. It still has the compact cities like batman and metropolis but this futuristic architecture is a lot more run down compared. I think the director wanted the architecture to have a link to the plot of the film, which basically means our new technologies and advances are not always the way to go. As this films plot is the clones we have created were not safe so they had to “retire” them. Although in other ways the context had a lot more futuristic advances, such as the flying cars.

© Ennis House 2012
Archdaily. 2012. Film & Architecture Blade Runner. [image online] Available at: [Accessed: 20 Mar 2014].

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