Windows Live Movie Maker Vs. iMovie

This post will be comparing my experiences with using Windows Live Movie Maker and iMovie, comparing their similarities and differences.

My first and second video I created at the start of this project was using Windows Live Movie Maker (video for hubhub and storyboard), I have had some experience in using this software program before. Therefore, I had an idea of how to use it already, but it was really easy to pick up and was very simple to use.

My third video was using iMovie (video contributing to final film). This was the first time I had used iMovie and I picked up on how to use it very quickly like Windows Live Movie Maker.

In both software programs I used the clipping tool, audio tool and forward motion tool. I found this easy to do in both programs and soon got the hang of it. However, in iMovie I did struggle to find out how to separate the audio from the video, but eventually I solved the problem. In windows live movie maker I used the special effects tool throughout the whole of my first video, which gave it a nice edge and finish to my movie. I did not use this tool in iMovie but I do believe there is an option for this.

Overall, I think that iMovie was a better software program to use, I think windows live movie maker is easier to use but iMovie has a lot more tools and options to create and edit your movie with. Also I think it is better for separating the original movies from the new movie as it is easier to work with and less confusing.

Winner: iMovie


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