First attempt at iMovie

Our next task was to create a short video on iMovie that will contribute towards my final film.

To create this video I first collected a series of short films, which included some of my own videos and some found from the internet (see references below). I also found some music that I thought would be a good piece to use for my film. The music is what I based the speed of the film around, which it starts of slow, speeds up in the middle then goes back it to slow music.
I used clips from each video to create one short film. I did this by selecting the clip of my choice from each video, then I dragged and dropped from the original videos to the video. In the centre of the video I made the clips go x2 faster, making it fit with the music that was in the background.
In the video it includes my choice of location, dancers, animals, musicians, walking, running and rain. These all associate with movement it different forms. This video was an exploration of movement for future ideas and videos.

Link for my video:

Arias, L. 2009. León Arias Guitar Trio – 6 manos 1 guitarra. Available at:​ [Accessed: 19 Mar 2014].

Attraction. 2013. Britains got talent: Attraction. Available at: [Accessed: 18 Mar 2014].

Dubstep Ballet Animation. 2010. Cmax Productions. Available at: [Accessed 18 Mar 2014].

theruntolive. 2012. Running Feet. Available at: [Accessed: 19 Mar 2014].


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