2D visual representation for my film ideas

For this task we had to put together either a 2D or 3D visual representation of ideas for our final film. I decided to do a 2D collage which I thought would be best to represent my ideas (see image below).


As you can see from my collage, my focus for the final film is movement. At the moment I am thinking at looking at movement from the body, but I could always expand on this.

At the top left corner of the collage is a piece of text with movement at the centre point, around it are elements you would associate with movement, giving me a lot of ideas that I can venture into.

The collage is mainly focused on the human body but it also includes fireworks, animals, and illusions, other ideas I can seek into. I think illusions are very interesting as they trick the mind into thinking that they are moving but they are not. This could be a interesting path to explore further into.

I think this 2D representation shows my current ideas well and also has some future inspiration. Now you will hopefully be able to see these ideas and the process of explorations in my short films.




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