Batman (1989)

Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) had a clear architectural style throughout the film, Gothic expressionism and hints of art deco. This style created Gothem to be a dominating and dark city.

“Gotham is appropriately Gothic; a steaming, creaking metropolis full of dead-
tech. It is a retro-futurist nightmare, an outlandish conflation of Hugh Ferris
meets Alien.” (Holland, 2008)

From this image alone you can tell that the architecture was influenced by many major cities, such as New York city, compact city with tall sky scrapers. Using gothic architecture shows the views that Gotham city is not a very nice place to live, the architecture defines the crime of the city.

The architecture used links very well to the main character -batman. The city is very dark, which could be showing the city is the batman’s cave, as bats only like the dark, so the architecture helps to visualise the character a lot more.

The Gothic style used gives a sense of chaos and distortion, again linking to the crime of the city.

I think the architecture used reflects the film very well, and I cannot imagine any other architectural style that would do this so well. But I do think that High-tech architecture could be used, due to the technology batman uses throughout the film, which seems to be more advanced compared to the setting of batman.


Holland, C. 2008. Dark Knight/White Heat: The Architecture of Gotham City. Fantastic Journel, [blog] 23rd September 2008, Available at: [Accessed: 7 Mar 2014].


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