Video for Hubbub

I created a music video using Windows Live Movie Maker for the song Hubbub by Cantaloupe. Using a video which used an angle pointing towards the hands of the keyboard player.
The video was a total of 40 minutes long and the song is almost 5 minutes long. So I listened to the song and went through the video to find shots that would fit to the song, eventually I managed to cut the video down to 10 minutes. As the song is up beat, I sped the video to x2 its speed, this allowed the hands of the keyboard player to be in time with the song. However a few seconds slots in the song slowed down, here I edited the video to make it slower. Throughout the video I added special effects to create a better visuals to the song.I did find it quite hard to make the hand movements and the song beat link together all the way through.

I wanted to only show the hands in the video as this links to what I am looking for my final video to be, which is studying movement, mainly movement of people, but this could develop as I go on. Therefore, I used the advantage of this video to look at the movement of hands and the keyboard plays a big part in this song, meaning the video connects well to the song.

Link for Video:


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