A2 board on Location

My chosen location for the film is Arkwright Foyer, this location drew me in because it is more of an active space compared to the three other locations, there is a lot more movement, sound and light. My first reactions to the space is that it is a cold blank canvas.

There are six main entrances through the foyer, two of these leading outside. The movement is from one entrance to the other, this space is used only for walking through, no one ever stops here. This could be because of the large open space, white walls and stone flooring making it a cold, echoy place.

It is a very grand space, with tall ceilings, large entrances, wide staircase, detailed columns and arched entrances. Creating a contrast of a light and airy space to a dense and heavy space, I think these balance each other out well.

The Arkwright building was built in the late 1870’s in the architectural style Gothic, functioned for the University College Nottingham. It was the place where Professor Frederic Stanley Kipping discovered silicone polymers. Unfortunately, Arkwright was hit by a bomb during the second world war, but was rebuilt again later.

I think some detailing from the external façade is shown in small forms on the inside. For example the columns and stairs; this is a nice contrast to the plain white walls and hard stone flooring.

Arkwright arkwright 2

On my A2 board I have tried to reflect and represent all my research. To begin with I worked out the size of the space, and drew a floor plan. I did this by measuring my strides wall to wall, to get a good idea of how big the space is.


After I took a few videos and images looking at the movement of people when they walked through, to see if there was certain routes and patterns. To represent this I drew lines showing the main routes which people were travelling through, this created a pattern itself.

To show the elevation of the space I collated pictures together creating a more visually interesting and dynamic elevation. I also looked at the lighting of the space, which I found that due to the east side having large glass doors it allows more light in compared to the west side of the space. However, there are no windows at the south side of the space, meaning there is little direct sunlight into the area.

The reason why I stained the board was to give it an older look, representing the age of the building as I think this is an important aspect and feature to the location. Below shows the finished A2 board.

A2 board

I think Arkwright Foyer will be an interesting place to have a film playing through out the day, mainly to see if my film will get people to stop when they are passing through, this will be my aim.


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