Russian Ark

Russian Ark is a film which was released in 2002, the film is set in st Petersburg and was took in one long 87 minute shot. It took you through the Russian and European history, showing some famous masterpieces a long the way.

I think the narrator was quite confusing, he was speaking as if he was in the building, however only a selection of people could see him. At the start of the film he did act very confused as to what has happened to him and how he got there, and we never see him. Maybe he is a ghost? Also the man who the narrator talks to, was he a ghost too? At times it was hard to understand who was talking, mainly due to the lighting, but you have to keep into account that it was filmed in one long shot.

The architecture in it was grand with rich colours, but then it changes to white marble. I think this was to emphasise the different eras. The building it self came across huge, throughout the film they went into many different rooms showing the history.

(Ross, 2012)

(Ross, 2012)

What would make it better is mainly the lighting, as some scenes were in darkness and it was hard to tell who was speaking at times. This would make it a little easier to understand.



Ross, E., 2012. Russian Ark. [image] Available at: <; [Accessed 17 Apr. 2014].


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