Locations for the film

We have been given a choice from four locations of where we would like our film to be shown. The four locations mix from private and public. Once we’ve decided our location the film needs to relate to that particular area. The four locations are Arkwright entrance, Arkwright basement, Newton forum and Newton Tower.

Arkwright Entrance

Arkwright entrance is towards the north of the campus, this is a public space, where it can easily be accessed by everyone. To get to this location you can either enter from outside, or from newton and through the courtyard. It is quite an open space, it is surrounded by stairs and columns. I feel this space is quite a cold and hard place with sharp corners, I feel the interior of this space could replicate the exterior so much more by being detailed and decorative. Its not a place people stop, they just pass through.

Arkwright Entrance

Arkwright Basement

Arkwright basement is located just below the Arkwright entrance which is a private space, it should only be accessed by staff. You can get to this location by entering through Arkwright entrance and down the stairs located near the entrance. The surrounding’s of the basement are a corridor, utility room, maintenance room and a empty room with a wonky blue door, which I find quite interesting. I think this is a lot more of an interesting space rather than the entrance, mainly due to the spaces of this location.

Arkwright basement

Newton Forum

This is located on the first floor of newton at the opposite side of Newton’s entrance, where everyone can easily access it. Even though it is an open space, it is almost a private space as no one walks in that area, making this a public/private location. The surroundings are white walls with timber strips and a coffee shop that does not open. Opposite the wall that will have the films projected on, is a huge window looking into the city. I think this is a nice place to be, as its in the open but quiet at the same time. You get your privacy here without feeling lonely.

Newton Forum

Newton Tower

Newton Tower is located on the highest floor in Newton, it is a good journey to get here, which is why this is a private space as no one makes the effort to get here. Everyone can access it by either the stairs or lift, it is located on the ninth floor of Newton- so I would think the lift would be the main route chosen. In this space there is a set of stairs and a window, very modest. This is private space with a great view of the city.

Newton Tower

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