Does architecture have an effect in “The Shining”?

I think that architecture played a huge role in the shining.

My first reaction to when I saw the exterior of the hotel was that it was very camouflaged, it did not stand out from the background of the mountains. The colour was brown and dull, small windows and the roof was full of points… almost imitating the mountains.

(Boake, 2009)

(Boake, 2009)

However, when it shows you the interior it seems a lot more colourful and clean, using whites, blacks, red and gold’s. It also has stein glass windows using similar colours. I found that all rooms and the decoration was symmetrical or patterned, this could be to try and make the hotel more confusing.

Everything seemed very big on the inside (maybe trying to make the family feel small and helpless) the fireplace, lights, rooms, doors, books. What I also found very interesting was that the windows were also very big- which is strange to say they seemed small on the outside…

(Boake, 2009)

(Boake, 2009)

The whole building was a maze because it was that big, maybe imitating the large maze outside. These factors could be to show the dominance of the hotel.

(Boake, 2009)

(Boake, 2009)


Boake, T., 2009. Architecture and Film Fall 2009. [image] Available at: <; [Accessed 17 Apr. 2014].


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